The opening keynote speaker this year will be world renowned Life University alumnus, Dr. Joe Dispenza (’85).

This year will be unlike any other because Life University is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. In addition to all the events you know and love, we will be hosting our golden jubilee gala on Friday, October 4 to commemorate this amazing milestone.



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Will LIFE Vision Extravaganza 2024 be a live or online seminar?
2024 will be a live in-person seminar held at the Cobb Galleria Centre. No online courses will be offered for this event.
I arrived 15 minutes late to a 1-hour course. Do I have to make up the 15 minutes?
Yes, the state boards will only give you credit for attending a class for at least 50 minutes with some states requiring a full 60 minutes, check with your state boards. If you came in late, you will need to make up that time in another class. Please do not wait until after the event is over to take care of this. Please be aware of the exact time you were in a class to avoid any discrepancies with your certificate.
The speaker let the class out 20-40 min early. Do I still get credit or am I going to lose the time?
Speakers are contracted to teach 50 minutes of the hour. If they fail to do so and let the class out early, please let the Postgraduate Department know, and we will give you the credit. Credit will not be awarded to anyone who leaves class early at their own discretion and not the instructors’.
Do I have to fill out an attendance form when I’m done?
No, fortunately, your classes are registered to your name badge when you scan in and out of the class. The scans are quite reliable.  You can even discard the name badge when you are done with the event. A certificate will be mailed to you based on your attendance scans.
Is there any way to check how many hours I have so far?
Unfortunately, there is no way to check the hours you have accumulated until after the event when the scans are downloaded.
I lost my name badge. What do I do?
Receive a replacement badge at the Post Grad Registration Area. There will be a $25 charge for replacement badges.
What do I need to take for my FL/GA license?
GEORGIA requirements: 4 Risk Management, 1 GA Law, 15 Clinical (every year).

FLORIDA requirements: 1 Risk Management, 2 Ethics, 2 Medical Errors, 2 FL Law, 6 Documentation, 27 General (every two years).

For questions about and assistance with specific courses or state approvals, please go to the Postgrad table beside the Registration Area under the tent.

How long do I have to sit in class to receive credit?
Most state boards require you to attend class for 50 minutes to receive one credit hour but there are states that require a full 60 minutes, check with your state board to be sure.
When can I expect my certificate to be sent to me?
You should receive your certificate before November 20th. If you have not received your certificate by December 1st, please contact the Postgrad Department, 770-426-2753, to receive a copy.
What must I do to receive credit for attending individual classes?
As you walk through the ground scanners located at each entrance, your badge will automatically be scanned. There will be 2 scanners at each breakout session.
How many credits can I receive?
Attendees will be able to get up to 24 CE credits including GA requirements of 1 hour GA Law, 4 Risk Management broken into 2 Hours Ethics, 2 Hours Medical Errors, FL requirements of 6 Hours Documentation, 2 Hours Ethics, 2 Hours Medical Errors, 1 hour general Risk Management and 2 Hours FL Law.