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Dr. Mitch Mally is a Detroit, Michigan native. He attended his pre-medical training at Wayne State University from 1974-1978 and graduated from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa in October 1981.

As a former, near professional football and baseball player and avid martial artist, Dr. Mally has a vast understanding and appreciation of sports injuries. 

With over 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Mally developed and continues to teach his procedures to students and doctors worldwide. The Mally Method is evidence-based, biomechanically precise and sniper specific HVLA.

Dr. Mally practices daily in the Bettendorf, Quad Cities Iowa. His high-end Concierge practice attracts world-class Olympic and professional athletes, stars and celebrities, as well as patients from around the globe. His "authentic" trademarked extremity and spinal manipulation techniques have been praised and considered by many as a "benchmark" in the profession. Dr. Mally is a highly sought after international speaker with tremendous passion, high energy, content-rich presentations armed with research, as well as countless case studies and live demonstrations yielding unparalleled outcomes.