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Dr. Joseph Clarino's life journey embodies resilience, dedication and a profound commitment to holistic health. His story unfolds from a college football career, where the physical toll of the sport underscored the importance of chiropractic care he had received since childhood.

After graduating from Towson State College, Dr. Clarino’s unwavering passion for Chiropractic led him to Life University (Life U), where he not only deepened his knowledge but also found a life partner in Dr. Deb Cirone, who shared his fervor for chiropractic wellness. Together, they established a thriving family practice in Sugar Hill, Georgia.

Dr. Clarino's life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease. Instead of opting for temporary relief through conventional medicine, he leaned on his faith and his comprehensive understanding of the human body's innate healing capabilities. Dr. Clarino embarked on a relentless journey of research, training and collaboration with fellow functional medicine experts. Through these efforts, he transformed his life from one marred by pain and disease into a state of vibrant health, freedom and profound inspiration.

Dr. Clarino’s impact extends far beyond his 25-year practice. He shares his expertise by coaching other chiropractors and devotes time nurturing future chiropractors through Life U’s PEAK Program. His life story serves as a powerful testament to the human body’s capacity for healing and growth.