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Dr. Daniel Pompa is a health expert, author, speaker, trainer and family man on a mission to bring answers to a hurting world. He started his career as a licensed chiropractor and built one of the most successful practices in

Pennsylvania. In 2000, he was plagued by a host of unexplainable symptoms. Over the next five years, he searched for answers and discovered he wasn’t alone. Millions were suffering from similar, unexplainable symptoms. He suspended his chiropractic license and chose to devote his life to helping others get their lives back with the principles he learned through his own recovery. Now, 20+ years later, Dr. Pompa is a recognized leader in the health and wellness industry. He is the founder of Pompa Program and, Cellular Solutions. He is the author of “The Cellular Healing Diet” and “Beyond Fasting” and continues to speak on stages around the world training doctors, practitioners and the public on the cellular healing protocol he discovered through his personal battle.